Business hours are from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday inclusively.


Except for signed contracts, prices are subject to change without notice and prices charged are those in force when order is accepted. Please note that each order and/or request form must have a minimum of 25$. An administrative fee of 5$ will be applied to each invoice of less than 25$ before shipping and taxes.


All sales of goods and services must be paid in cash (cash or approved check) upon receipt of the goods. Customers with a line of credit in order are granted a 30 days period for their payment. When signing a contract, a deposit of 20% of the order amount is required for all orders over $1000 for customers without an open account or for orders greater than $5000 for customers with open accounts.


For any purchases not paid within 30 days after the delivery date, an administration fee at a rate of 2% per month is charged (equivalent to an annual interest of 24%), subject to change without notice.


Shipments by post or courier service are always at the buyer’s expense. These delivery schedules may be changed without notice. Aquamerik reserves the right to require payment of shipping costs for materials overdue at the time of shipment or of initially planned delivery. $2.50 of handling and packing fee is applied for orders under $25. Higher handling and packaging costs may be required depending on the fragility of the product to be shipped.


By signing delivery documents, the customer confirms the receipt of all items appearing on the documents. At this time, any defect or missing item must be reported because, as said before, it will be impossible to claim missing items for free.


The most appropriate transport is chosen at shipment time unless otherwise specifi ed by the customer. Aquamerik is not responsible for damages during delivery by carriers. In case of apparent damage, claims must be made immediately to the carrier; enter your comments on the bill of lading and invoices sheet. The client has full responsibility to make claims with the carrier. Check out the carrier before disposing of the equipment. If the material appears damaged or in incorrect quantities when opening the package, keep the material and packaging as received, and notify Aquamerik within two days of delivery. All prices are FOB Aquamerik, unless otherwise indicated.


Aquamerik is not responsible for any damage caused by a delay in delivery due to circumstances beyond its control.


No merchandise may be returned without a prior authorization number that you can obtained from Aquamerik; moreover, a minimum administration fee of 15% of the total value is applied. A copy of the goods invoice must accompany the return. Products must be new, in perfect condition and accompanied by their original boxes. A return request must be made within 30 days following the date of delivery.

Example of non-returnable products:
– Chemicals.
– Cooling / heating equipment.
– Reagents Yes Solutions of calibration.
– Custom-built products and special orders.


Products not manufactured by Aquamerik are warrantied by the manufacturer of origin. The products manufactured by Aquamerik are warrantied one year from date of shipment against any manufacturing defects.


Unless otherwise specifi ed by the customer, Aquamerik reserves the right to overdue items not commonly held in inventory or to make substitutions, if deemed appropriate. The specifications given in this catalog are those used at the time of publication and are subject to change without notice. Aquamerik reserves the right to change designs relate to equipment already sold, delivered or to be delivered.


All recommendations that can be provided by Aquamerik representatives about the use of products come from observation and experiment results, they are compilations of data from experts or users. Therefore, Aquamerik is not responsible for eventual damages on stockbreeding related to the recommendations given by Aquamerik representatives.

The specifications given here are those used at the time of publication and are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to change the design to modify any equipment already sold or delivered without notice or obligation on our part.