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Co2 Analyser
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OxyGuard CO2

The OxyGuard CO2 is a reliable and easy to use instrument that measures dissolved

carbon dioxide directly in the water.

It is therefore now possible, for the first time, to achieve simple, continuous direct

measurements of the carbon dioxide concentration in the water used in aquaculture.

Previously either test kits, laboratory analysis of samples, or the detection of pH

changes caused by the carbon dioxide, were used to determine the carbon dioxide

concentration. These methods all have disadvantages, and none have given reliable,

accurate and economically attractive continuous on-line measurements.

The OxyGuard CO2 has a probe that senses carbon dioxide concentration directly.

The microprocessor controlled transmitter converts the signal from the probe into a

current loop (4-20 mA) output signal as well as showing the CO2 concentration on

its display.

The analyser is easy to calibrate - after which you just put the probe in the water and

measure. Calibration intervals are long, and the OxyGuard CO2 does NOT need

regular maintenance.

The OxyGuard CO2 Dissolved CO2 Analyser consists of a Probe and a Transmitter. The latter has a

display and a 4-20 mA signal as output. The system can be ordered mains powered (230/110 VAC)

or powered from 24 VAC. The probe is, as standard, delivered with a 5 m cable. The transmitter is

microprocessor controlled, and has very simple pushbutton controls.

The system comprises a transmitter and probe with 5m cable. Calibration accessories, i.e. calibration

beaker with battery supplied stirrer, battery pack, charger unit, calibration fluid and pH conditioner,

are ordered separately and can be used for more than one OxyGuard CO2 analyser.

Principle of Operation

The probe senses the carbon dioxide content of the water directly. It is important to note that it does

NOT use a pH measurement - it does NOT sense any change in pH that carbon dioxide causes.

Neither does it withdraw a sample for analysis - the carbon dioxide is sensed in mg/l at the front of

the probe.

The range of the instrument is 0-100 mg/l. Before use the system is calibrated at zero and span.

Calibration is carried out using mixtures of water and calibration chemicals delivered with the

system. The calibration beaker with stirrer is used, powered from the battery pack.

Size: Probe: 40mm dia. x 140 mm. Cable length 5m.

Meter: 120 x 120 x 58 mm

Calibration beaker 65mm dia. x 260 mm

Weight 3.2kg including battery pack, charger, calibration fluid, pH conditioner.

Probe with cable alone 0.5kg; Meter alone 0.5 kg.

Supply 230VAC (115VAC on request)

Range 0 - 100 mg/l dissolved carbon dioxide.

Operating conditions 5-45°C

Accuracy Depends on calibration. Expected practical accuracy +/- 2 mg/l

(when calibrating temperature = measuring temperature.)

Response time Better than 10 minutes at 20°C.

Flow requirements The instrument does not use carbon dioxide for its measurement, but a certain

flow is necessary to ensure that the sensing element of the probe is in

equilibrium with the surrounding water and to avoid "spot" measurements.

Output: 4 - 20 mA current loop, RS232 as optional extra.

Ordering Information

# 1OXYCO475 OxyGuard CO2 Dissolved CO2 Analyzer - probe and transmitter with 5m cable.

For 230 VAC, other voltage on request.

# 1OXYCO476 Calibration accessories; Beaker with stirrer & magnet, battery pack,

charger for 230VAC (other voltage on request), 80 g pH conditioner,

100 ml calibration solution and dosing syringe. These calibration accessories

can be used for more than one OxyGuard CO2 analyzer.

Stationary Co2 Analyser with probe and 5 meter cable
1,850.00 $
Calibration Beaker and Stirrer.
475.00 $
Last Update: May 9, 2006
Prices are in canadian dollars and can change without notice.

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