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The AIRE-O2® Series II aerator is a high quality, minimal maintenance aspirator aerator with proven, superior performance….all at an economic price. For over 30 years, aquaculturists worldwide have experienced the many benefits of the AIRE-O2® Series II for their aquatic applications. These numerous advantages of the AIRE-O2® Series II aerator include:

  •  Low Maintenance Due to Only One Moving Part
  •  Increased Mixing and Oxygen Dispersion
  •  Optimum Oxygen Transfer
  •  Fine Bubble Aeration of 2.2 mm and less
  •  Destratification of Water = Uniform Temperature and Oxygen
  •  Flexibility of Use
  •  Lightweight and Portable
  •  Water Lubricated Bearing – No Artificial Lubrication Necessary
  •  No Gearbox Design
  •  Ease of Installation

So increase your stocking densities and contact Aeration Industries International, Inc. to learn more about how our AIRE-O2® Series II aerator can increase your farm yields and profit!!!


The AIRE-O2® Series II operates by creating a partial vacuum under the water, drawing air through the shaft and dispersing it into the water in a horizontal direction. As the propeller rotates, it induces a flow of atmospheric air through the air intake ports on the shaft located above the water surface. This air is then drawn through the shaft, past the propeller, and exits in a high velocity stream of fine bubbles as it is diffused into the water. Please refer to the drawing and photo below.

Oxygen Dispersion is Key!

The most important element when selecting an aerator for aquaculture usage regardless of the application is oxygen dispersion.  Oxygen dispersion involves both thorough subsurface circulation and oxygenation to create a destratified pond environment where temperature and oxygen levels are uniform throughout the entire pond.  This concept is of the utmost importance to all aquatic species as it fosters a healthier environment that will lead to increased size, increased survival and thus increased profit to the aquaculturist.   Since species like shrimp are bottom dwellers, it is critical to have the oxygen distributed to the bottom layer of the pond where these species live and thrive.  Also, thorough mixing and distribution of oxygen aids in the control of animal and feed wastes, keeping pond bottoms cleaner and decreasing risks of disease.   The AIRE-O2® Series II is the most technologically advanced aerator in the marketplace today which is capable to accomplish both mixing and oxygenation in one single unit due to its superior design which has been demonstrated for over 25 years.

The Importance of Fine Bubbles

Aeration Industries International, Inc. has spent over $1 million USD on the design and production of the propellers of its AIRE-O2® aerators.  The result of this investment is that the AIRE-O2® Aerator is the only aerator in the industry certified by the US EPA as a ‘fine bubble aerator’. This designation means that the average bubble size emitted from the AIRE-O2® Series II is less than 2.2 mm in size which is critical to both oxygen dispersion and oxygen transfer.  The smaller the bubble from an aerator, the longer this bubble stays in the water.   And the longer the bubble can stay in the water, the greater the opportunity this bubble has to become dissolved oxygen or DO. 

Proof Is in the Mixing!

The importance of oxygen dispersion and mixing is evident from a Dye Test conducted at Auburn University.  A 2Hp AIRE-O2® aerator was placed into a one acre pond.  After just 32 minutes, the entire pond was completely mixed and circulated.  Meanwhile, a competitive 3Hp surface splasher aerator after 80 minutes showed only local oxygenation and poor mixing.

AIRE-O2® after 32 minutes


Simplicity of Design = Low Maintenance

Most aquaculture applications require the usage of aeration in the night time as DO levels are significantly lower from the daytime levels (due to photosynthesis gains from sunlight). Imagine being able to sleep easy knowing that your aeration system will make it through the night without any emergencies! Due to its very simple design, the AIRE-O2® Series II is regarded as the industry workhorse in terms of its reliability, durability and toughness. These unique features of the AIRE-O2® Series II include:

  • Only One Moving Part - A Drive Shaft connected to the motor shaft
  • Water Lubricated Bearing - No Artificial Lubrication Necessary
  • No Gearbox
  • A Total of Six (6) Major Parts
  • Above Surface Premium Made USA Motor Capable of Tough Environments

 II series
AIRE-02 series II aerator, 2 HP on 230 Volts.
1,966.00 $
AIRE-02 series II aerator, 2 HP on 230/460 Volts.
1,966.00 $
AIRE-02 series II aerator, 3 HP on 230/460 Volts.
2,150.00 $
 275 series
AIRE-02 275 series aerator, 2 HP on 230/460 Volts.
5,500.00 $
AIRE-02 275 series aerator, 3 HP on 230/460 Volts.
5,900.00 $
AIRE-02 275 series aerator, 5 HP on 230/460 Volts.
6,700.00 $
Last Update: May 31, 2013
Prices are in canadian dollars and can change without notice.

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