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Aerator systems
Water analysis
Environmental analysis
Aquariums & accessories
Scale & counters
Heaters & water chillers
Air pumps
Lab equipment
Fountains and water gardens
Hatchery equipment
Pumps (Water)
Predator control
Nets & netting
Regenerative blowers
Monitoring systems
Fish Transportation

Eggs and fish

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    Accessories for cleaning and disinfection

    Solar panel
    Drum wrench
    Gutting knife
    Bottom drains
    Windmill 12V DC
    Gutting machine
    Perforated sheets
    Light meter
    Power inverter 12 VDC to 115 VAC
    Waterproof paper
    Foot carpet
    Viewing scope
    Catch basins
    Rake for algae
    Seal-adhesive "Sikaflex"
    Syringe with automatic refill
    Pond water level control

Aerator systems
    Aerator with centrifugal action
    Water Aerator
    Aerator kit
    Submersible wire

    Water level switch
    Flow switch
    Magnetic float switch
    Pressure switch
    Panel and keyboard

Water analysis
    Ammonia tester
    Ion specific colorimeters
    Salt meter NaCl
    EC - SDT - Temperature testers
    Co2 Analyser
    Multi-Feature Portable Tester
    Calibration columns
    Colorimeter by Hach
    Combo (pH/Conduc/ TDS/Temperature)
    Conductivity meter
    Hanna conductivity meter
    YSI conductivity meter
    Industrial pH controller
    Hobo dataloggers
    Temperature / humidity dataloggers
    Hach Test Kits
    LaMotte test kits
    LaMotte water test kits
    Hanna water test kits
    Monitor and oxygen control
    Multi-parameter environmental testing
    YSI Professional Plus multiparameters
    Oxygen meter Hach
    Oxygen meter WTW
    Labo type WTW Oxygen meter
    Oxygen meter OxyGuard Handy
    Oxygen meter YSI
    Checker pH meter
    Pocket pH meter
    Piccolo pH meter
    pH & temperature meter
    WTW pH meter
    Waterproof photometers
    Calibration solutions
    Saturometer Alpha
    Saturometer Tracker
    Pure water tester
    REDOX potential tester
    Relative humidity meter
    Turbidity meters

Environmental analysis
    Vacuum aeration tank
    Watertight Expansion Plug
    Sediment catcher
    Well Caps
    Tread flush joint
    Casing centralizer in s.s.
    Multi-parameter gaz meter
    Secchi disc
    Water samplers (Bailers)
    Reusable water sampler
    GLS portable sampler
    Water level loggers
    Plankton nets
    Activate coal filters
    Groundwater filters
    Lever pump
    "Casagrande" piezometer
    Well points
    12 volt pumps
    Inertial pumps
    Portable depth sounders
    Filtration sands and gravels
    "Waterra" level probes
    "Heron" level meters
    Intake Screens

Aquariums & accessories
    Glass Aquariums
    Aquarium Kit
    Acrylic Suspended Aquariums
    Filtration Carbon
    Submersible Heaters
    Air Pump
    Air diffusers
    Aquarium Nets
    Almond tree leaf
    Sponge Filters
    Fluval Filters
    Water Chillers
    Air Valves
    Lobster tank

Scale & counters
    ACCULAB scales
    Hanging scales
    A & D Scales
    Economical scales
    Portable tray scales
    Stop Watch
    Automatic fish grader
    Manual fish grader
    Manual counter
    Electronic fish counter
    Fish labels
    Sliding gauge
    Measuring fish board

    Steel Tanks with Membrane
    Circular open top conical bottom tanks
    Circular closed top conical bottom tanks
    Bulk bins
    Fiberglass circular tanks
    Polyethylene circular tanks
    Drain kit for polyethylene tanks
    Fiberglass tanks
    Rigid open mesh plastic tubes
    Conical bottom tanks
    Cylindrical tanks
    Rectangular tanks
    Transparent tanks
    Flat bottom vertical closed tanks high density
     Flat bottom vertical closed tanks medium density
    Semi-square tanks
    Polyethylene stands for tanks
    Lobster tanks

    High efficiency biofilters
    "Nitrifil" biofilters
    Fluidised bed biofilters
    Biofiltration media
    Tower packing

Heaters & water chillers
    Electrical water heaters
    Gaz water heaters
    Submersible heaters for aquariums
    Controls for heaters
    Floating Pond De-Icer
    Heat Exchangers
    Plate Heat Exchangers
     Titanium Heat Exchangers
    Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
    Heaters elements "Quick Plug"
    Water heaters
    Chiller and heat pumps
    Heliccoïdal coils

    A-B-A (Bacterium)
    Muriatic acid
    Peracetic acid
    Phosphoric acid 75%
    Methylen blue
    Chloramine T
    Liquid chlorine 12%
    Dye #42000
    G-7005 Disinfecting
    Virkon disinfecting
    Deionized water
    Formaldehyde 37%
    Germicide D-4055
    Hydrogen peroxide
    Drum pump & drum wrench
    Saniodyne "Econo"
    Chlorosept hands soap
    Marine salt Kent
    Bacterial solutions
    Stress coat, replacement mucus
    Copper sulfate
    Sodium sulphite
    Sodium thiosulfate
    "True Blue" (Dye)
    Wescodyne 1.6%

Air pumps
    Air compressors
    Air compressors
    Diaphragm Air compressors
    Economical Air compressors
    Linear compressors
    12V compressors
    Pressure gauges
    Electronics contact pressure gauges
    Liquids separators

    Flowmeters for Air & oxygen
    Flow probes
    Economical water flowmeters
    Electronic Flowmeters
    Flow loggers
    High flow flowmeters
    Flowmeters for corrosive liquids
    Water flowmeters

    Micro-Por diffusers
    OXY-PRO airstones
    Cross diffusers and floats
    Air diffusers
    Alumina airstones
    Cylindrical diffusers
    Economic diffusers
    Disposable diffusers
    Aeration discs
    Microbubble diffusers
    Plate air diffusers
    Oxygenation plates
    Porous PVC
    Aeration tubing

Lab equipment
    "Nalge" graduated cylinders
    Dissection kits
    Static mixers
    Disposable pipets

    Protein skimmers
    Cartridge filters
    Carbon filters
    Bag filters
    Sand filters
    Sand filters "FiltrePro"
    Horizontal sand filters
    Rotary drum filters
    Y strainer
    Fluval filters
    Stainless steel rotary drum filters
    Mecanical & Biological filters
    Ozone generator & monitor
    Grease trap
    Stainless steel screening
    Nylon screening
    Filtration sands and gravels
    Glass sand for filtration
    Swirl Separator
    Stainless steel UV sterilizer
    PVC UV sterilizer
    Industrial UV sterilizer
    Trojan UV Sterilizer

Fountains and water gardens
    Fountain accessories
    Filter falls
    Lighting kits
    Decorative fountains
    Bronze professionnal fountains
    Submersibles pumps


Hatchery equipment
    Incubation accessories
    Early fry troughs
    Fiberglass troughs
    Vibert box
    Eggs incubators
    Artemia incubators
    Souvak ground incubator
    Salmon incubator for schools
    Rotifer incubator
    Vertical incubators
    Basket "Aqui-Panier" for incubation
    Astroturf carpet
    Eggs sorter
    Automatic eggs sorter

    Compression connector for wire
    Photoperiodic controls
    Automatic grader
    Aquamerik cyclical timers
    Digital timers
    Electronics timers
    Pro-Splice waterproof connector
    Intelligent relay

    Accessory feeders
    KOI cafe
    Belt feeders
    Projection feeders
    Automatic feeders
    Economic feeders
    "Little John" feeders
    Air projection feeders
    Insect killer feeders

    Bits and wafers
    Freeze Dry
    New Life Spectrum
    Additives & Others
    Instant Algae
    Algae Food
    Artemia (Brine shrimp)
    Blood Worms
    Larval Diet
    Salmonidae food
    Mysid Shrimps
    Artemia Enrichment

    Oxygenation Towers
    Oxygen Diffuser
    Aeration windmill
    Oxygenation windmill
    Oxygen generator
    Venturi injector
    Oxygen module
    Oxygen pressure regulator
    Oxygen saturators
    Oxygen saturator cones (fiberglass)

    Watertight expansion plug
    Valve box
    Check valves
    Quick disconnect fittings
    Cage fittings PVC
    Bulkhead fittings
    Flexible coupling
    Brass fittings
    Nylon fittings
    Pneumatic connectors
    Sch 40 pvc fittings - Cap
     Sch 40 pvc fittings - Elbow
     Sch 40 pvc fittings - Diverse
     Sch 40 pvc fittings - Bushing
     Sch 40 pvc fittings - Tee
    PVC insert fittings
    Primer & Glue

Pumps (Water)
    Propeller Pumps
    Jet pumps
    Jet pumps with tank
    Succion Pumps
    Centrifugal pumps
    Commercial Centrifugal pumps
    Bronze centrifugal pumps
    Dosing Pumps w/pH Controller
    Dosing Pumps
    Economical pumps
    Floating pumps
    Heavy-duty high flow pumps
    Little giant pumps
    Magnetic pumps
    Manual pumps
    Battery powered peristaltic pumps
    Peristaltic pump
    Péristaltic simple/double heads
    Tsurumi pumps
    Sump pumps
    "Grundfos" Submersible pumps
    "GSW Barnes" Sump pumps
    Monarch sump pump

Predator control
    Bird scaring device
    Propane Cannon
    T5 Mechanical scarer
    T4 gaz canon
    Nettings for birds
    Scare crow
    Scaring lamp
    Gun hunter
    Electronic scaring system

Nets & netting
    Mending needles
    Retention cage
     Suspended retention cage
    Fish stretcher
    Low-cost net
    100% Nylon Net
    Plancton Net
    Plastic Net
    Replacement bag for dip net
    Plastic football type float
    Aluminum Monorail Net
    Dip Nets, Heavy duty
    Sinking cable
    Minnoes seines
    Purse Seines
    Beach seines

    Greenhouse Accessories
    Econo Greenhouse
    Maxidome Greenhouse
    Megadome & Superdome Greenhouse
    Nordik Greenhouse
    Ovaltech Greenhouse
    Shading Material

Regenerative blowers
    Blower Accessories
    Air blowers
    Air blowers
    High pressure blowers
    No motor Air Blowers
    "Roots" Blowers

Monitoring systems
    Control and monitoring system
    Multi-channel monitoring system
    Alarms and accessories

    With memory
    With memory, miniature
    With printer
    Pocket type
    For wall-mounting

Fish Transportation
    Transport Tanks
    Special Transport Tanks
    Box for fish transport
    Insulated tanks
    Fish elevator
    Transport tank kits
    Truck tanks
    Fish bags

    Sinking tubing
    Pipe cutters
    Black Polyethylen Tubing
    PVC Slotted & Full TFJ
    SCH-40 – Pipe White
    SCH-40 – Clear Pipe
    SCH-80 – Grey Pipe
    SDR-26 – Pipe Bell end
    SDR-26 – Pipe Gasket
    SDR-35 Pipe Gasket
    Flexible pvc pipe

    Automatic valve
    Electrical ball-valve
    Aquarium valve
    Electrical Valve normally close
    Electrical valve normally open
    PVC Valve & Unions
    Economical float valve
    Gate valve
    High pressure valve
    Butterfly valve
    3 Way valve
    Laboratory valve
    Needle valve

Eggs and fish

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